Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 8 Creative Chemistry

Its day 8 already!  I suppose my house and family will be pleased when it's over but I will miss the classes.
The techniques I used left to right were -
Crackle paint resist, unfortunately I don't have the distress range so I did it the old fashioned way using an undercoat of pva glue, then painting with acrylic paint.  I did the tag on grunge paper because I wanted to see how it went, and I found the acrylic adhered almost too well.  The second picture is done on fabric and is Paint Dabber resist, Again not having the dabbers I dabbed acrylic paint onto a stamp using cut n dry foam.  The third tag used the shattered stains technique and it was done on grunge paper.  The stains were not bright enough in places so I used a little re inker to strengthen and brighten in places.
I've taken a seperate picture of the last tag hoping the light will show the crackle better.


  1. I love how your butterfly turned out, we were thinking along the same lines today, lol. hugs

  2. Very pretty, I especially live your canvas piece.