Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 3 Creative Chemistry with Tim Holtz

The past three days have been amazing, doing the online classes with Tim I have learned so much. Today I managed just two of the three projects in around 3 hours.  I have so many ideas rolling round in my head to use these processes for other projects.

For the archival resist technique we stamped colour archival onto gloss card. I only had 2 Brilliance archival inks and none of Tim's texture stamps so I used sequin waste as a mask and then flipped it over to 'stamp' the residue ink onto the card.  I love the strong black image in contrast to the briht colours, the photo really is a washed out version of my original.

I loved playing with alcohol inks, and discovering how much they moved when the solution was added.  Again the picture is a bit paler than my version.


  1. Great tags! The backgrounds look great and the black images really pop...Having fun with this! See you in class later.

  2. Oooh these are fabulous - I really love your watercolour stamped one on the previous post too - its come out really well hasnt it.

  3. Great tags!! Love the stamps.