Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All packed up for Christmas

We've finally finished all of the Christmas making, baking and packaging.  I had help from the family, Alan made port and stilton chocolate truffles with the help of Jasmine, Chloe (AKA Cookie) helped me bake the shortbread cookes then we iced them.  All of the little holly and candy cane embellishments were Cookies own work:) 

All packaged up

What would I have done without my spellbinders?  The boxes were made with centura pearl card which I inked with the christmas red distress ink from Tim Holtz.
Chocolate truffles with port and stilton, Liqueur soaked cherries dipped in chocolate, and marzipan logs with apricot conserve

A gift wallet for those awkward people
 who want money for Christmas!
Peppermint creams made by Chloe and myself.

And finally, it took me a long time to make this cushion, the knitting with pom pom yarn wasn't too difficult to learn but then I was stumped as to how I was to sew it together, onto a black backing fabric etc. In the end I made a black 'pillow case' style liner which I put onto the insert. I then laced the pompom fabric around the cushion. To ensure the outer cover doesn't move I sewed the tapes onto the corners of the liner before lacing them up. I just hope the recipient likes it.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas crafting

How is everyone else getting on with their seasonal preparations?  I've not much to show here yet, but I've been busy making preserves, and making packaging for some food gifts.  My Cake is done to a Jane Asher design, I'm afraid i'm not proud enough of it to show it off, my Christmas roses don''t look like hers and my Ivy is a mess!