Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Some recent makes

I've made a few cards recently whilst playing with some new brusho paints, sweet poppy stencils, splodgeaway masks and various stamps.

This was a brusho experiment, keeping the colours very distinct and unmuddied, also using the spritz and flick technique to get the paint to move more on the paper. I placed some splodgeaway masks on the painted background using a temporary adhesive and painted over the whole thing with black gesso.

A card made for a purple and green challenge.  I put a very small amount of brusho paints through this sweet poppy stencil and spritzed and blotted until I liked the effect.  I then dried the paint before drawing through the stencil with black ink.

My first brusho experiments with Sheena Douglass and Creative Expressions stamps.

This background was done using distress ink on a Tim Holtz layering stencil.  I then drew through a sweet poppy stencil with black ink.

Wedding card using distress embossing tinsel through a sweet poppy stencil.

There has been a foodie trend for the past few years to present something cooked in three different ways on the same plate, here is a sweet poppy stencil presented three ways in one image.  First the stencil was inked from behind, the paper spritzed and stencil pressed down.  I blotted quickly to prevent too much bleeding of the ink.  I then dried the image before replacing the stencil and inking through.  Finally I drew around the stencil with a micron pen.