Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 2 Creative chemistry

Today we got down to the business off getting messy with distress inks.  As I have quite a few in my box it was great to actually use them in different ways.

Blended Spritz and Flick - says it all really :)  A great background.

Wrinkle free Distress

This one was interesting because at first I didn't know where it was going, now I've tried it I realise I can control the final effect by my choice of colours and where I place my card.

Brushless Watercolor - A really simple and effective technique, I think I'll be using this one over and over again.

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  1. Well .... just super results here ... I know the techniques are not so hard to do but they do require some thought on what colours to use and when to stop! I did a few that were just over the top and not right! Some stunner's here with a great choice of colours.... the flower tag is just gorgeous! .. I will blog my efforts soon .... you may need sunglasses for mine lol! E xxx