Friday, 15 July 2011

Random Art

I thought I'd post up some random things that I've played with in the last couple of years.  I dont consider myself an artist, but I think everyone can have fun at least trying.  If we make mistakes its only paint and paper we are wasting so go on give it  a go!  This first piece is in watercolour.  I was thinking about a petal from a flower and it sort of evolved from that.  I was really happy with how it looks as if its curling up from the page

The pic on the left is also watercolour, I've never been happy with the background but I like the shape, influeced by a bunc of tulips.

The pic on the right was done using wet on wet watercolour and splashing in salt.

I did the landscape at an art workshop.  The idea was we tore up pieces of paper and painted those  and used them to 'stamp' the different areas.  We then used different brush strokes to finish it off.  My daughter in law is an artist and she actually asked if she could have  it.  I was amazed as again I was never happy with how it turned out!

The last one is simply a pencil still life/

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