Monday, 17 February 2014

Workshop project at The Studio in Leicester - Something New

On Saturday I went to another Hels Sheridan workshop, this time at Neil Burley's studio.  I traveled up with a friend I met at the online creative chemistry classes by Tim Holtz when we also met Neil originally and were introduced to Hels.  It really is all thanks to Tim that I have a new circle of friends and that my crafting is not limited to a room in my home.

Although I have made a similar canvas with Hels before there were many new and different techniques covered in this workshop. I loved stamping with paints and then over stamping text with archival ink. Although I have seen lots of splattering with paint before I'd never tried it myself, the paint did splatter everywhere but was really effective in adding more texture and dimension to the piece.

It was disappointing to find Ranger have discontinued Beadazzles because this was the first time I had used them and they are really effective scattered between the sprayed/died flowers.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous hun - totally love it!! the colour is stunning x