Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Frantage and new Chemistry.

I'vee been loving the whole distressed embossing the 'Frantage' way and wanted to do some on my tag journal previous version).

The problem I had was that Fran does most of her heating from underneath because the embossing powders etc aren't adhered with any inks.  So I got to thinking.  I know many embossing inks are glycerine based and I have sucessfully glued embossing powders with glycerine daubed with a sponge before.  But I wanted a more random splattered effect. 

I took a mini mister which had about 1/2" of water in it and topped it up with glycerine.  I spritzed the journal with this mixture and then sprinkled on the powders.  Heating from above now worked!  Most of the powders stuck to the glycerine, the mica flakes being heavier moved a bit but while the embossing was still hot I was able to sprinkle on a few more and reheat to set them in place.

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