Sunday, 8 April 2012

Alcohol ink birdcage with hand made stamp

Hi All

Spurred on to do more creative chemistry I wanted to try more with the alcohol ink agates technique but I'm a bit limited when it comes to solid stamps, soo I decided to make on using an alterations die.  Providing you have a big shot or similar these are really easy to do, and the only limitation is your imagination and the number of bigz dies you have.  I'd not advise this with anything but bigz dies, or maybe one of the electronic cutters (ie Cricut), please let me know if you have tried and succeeded safely using any of the thinner dies in other machines.

The materials needed are few, some 3d foam 1mm is fine, I used stix2, some craft or funky foam, the sort you cut shapes from for embellishments, a block of wood to mount it on, (I used an old block from an inexpensive stamp I have removed and keep in a folder), and finally your die and cutting machine.

To make the stamp cut foam sheets to size, remove one side of the paper from the stix2 foam sheet and adhere the funky foam to it.  Now make your usual sandwich and run the die and foam through your die cutting machine.  Take out your cut out piece remembering to push out all little holes and fiddly bits.  Remove the paper from the other side of the stix2 foam and carefully adhere to your block.  Voila you have a hand made stamp, well in my case two. I disregarded the little piece of wing for this by the way.   Note I have only used archival ink on mine so far, the first time it takes a lot of ink but then it is primed and can be used as usual.  The ink does not dry so fast on this foam so be wary of touching it or letting it come into contact with anything you don't want to stamp. 

I stamped the bird first and marked on the cage block where the bird was positioned so I got them lined up where I wanted them.



  1. HI there, I have made lots of these using my cuttlebug! so it does work. just do a test run first with your foam. at first it feels hard but once it starts it slides threw. AWESOME CARD

  2. I'm so excited that you shared this. Thank You so much! I'm excited to try it.

  3. Great stamps you've made - I've been doing the same with lots of my dies