Monday, 3 September 2012

Two Cards with Spellbinders

I discovered Spellbinders online has an archive full of tutorials and ideas for cards.  Sometimes when the crafty mojo is absent its nice just to look at a tutorial and create something where you can see the end result.  The first card was done by following a tutorial, adapting a bit and using my own choice of materials.  The second follows the same idea of cutting a diecut in half diagonally.  I think the papers are from the 'once upon a time' paper stash.

 I was quite happy with the way the black glue dots on the second card turned out today, usually mine are a bit wobbly.  This was due to a happy accident.  I sewed around the black card (no thread in machine) using quite a big stitch rather than piercing through a ruler which takes ages.  Unfortunately I left the length too long and I didn't like the spacing of the holes so I put the dots directly over the holes.


  1. They look great will have to check out Spellbinders archive have seriously lost my mojo at the moment.

  2. Clever use of the die cuts - will have to check out that archive, thanks for the idea