Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Stretch your stamps day 2

I have spent most of the day playing with collage stamps.  don't have the ones used in the class or anything like them but I do have these fab stamps by Sheena Douglas so I thought I should try and do something different with those.  My last project completed at 10pm last night is pretty cool although it was possibly one of the easiest to achieve, I used a blended distress/spritz and flick technique after embossing the image with clear powder to create a resist, simply embellished with an acetate crown and a few gems, the inks are all from the Ranger summer distress pallete.

Below are a couple of the ones that didn't quite work, I think there wasn't enough 'white space' on the stamp for the black inked one to come out clearly.  I also found it stamped better on smooth card rather than watercolour card and versamark worked better than perfect medium.  Not too sure what happened with the dabber resist one as the paint didn't totally resist the ink.  I may well use these for something in the future.


  1. Looks as if this is an interesting course - thanks for sharing the ones which didn't quite work too but I'm sure they will come in for something sooner or later. Remember never throw anything away!!

    1. Breaking etiquette rules here by replying but can take up the course any time Aquarius at in case you don't have the addy, I'm learning far more than just what to do with stamps, lots of different techniques using different tools etc, well worth $25:) I do not have a single one of the listed stamps for the course so it's a real challenge. And as for throwing things away, I have a 2 year rule, that seems to work ok hehe.

  2. I love what you did here and the crown is a fun touch. Love the pops of red too!

  3. Stamps are awesome! And I love your cards.

  4. pretty card and use of the collage

  5. A big huge thank you Jenny for taking part in the Seasonal Distress challenge on CC101. You card is a wonderful example of the beauty of the Summer Distress pallette