Thursday, 20 October 2011

Crafty Tip - Revitalising old or uninspiring papers

Like all Crafters I have a number of old and dog eared papers that I really don't think I'm going to use.  This is not really my idea, I wonder how many ideas are really new, but I was pleased to win a competition recently by mentioning it and am going to pass it on here,  A long time ago I saw someone using cosmic shimmer sprays to change the look of paper and have done it many times to create original papers for card making, scrapbooking and book covers.  Check out the mini book page for more ideas.

First protect your table and any nearby walls with plastic bin bags, this really gets messy!
Choose your papers, you can use quite lightweight ones.  Spritz them lightly with mica sprays of your choice, at the first stage I just used one colour.

Screw the papers into tight
balls then smooth out and spritz with plain water, respray with mica spray adding a second colour if you like and scrunch and again. By this time the paper will be quite damp so unravel carefully.

Lay out to dry and voila, some nice new crunchy papers with a fantastic sheen.  You might want to iron them before use but I like the rumpled texture,  I think running them through a die cutting machine or embossing folders will be fun.


  1. Woohoo ...many thanks for sharing .... great tip xx

  2. Eileen sent me in your direction - great idea for using up tatty papers

  3. I have also found you via Eileen's Blog! Thank you for sharing the tutorial - such a fab. idea.
    Sylvia x